Detected Gas: Carbon Dioxide

    Domestic Carbon Dioxide wall mountable regulator. It is able to measure the quantity of Carbon Dioxide within a closed environment through an accurate detector set inside it.

    Yukon CO₂ has an infrared detector inside that allows the device to work for 15 years without the need to be changed.

    More info and technical specs:
    Yukon CO2 also contains a Relay that is activated when the value of Carbon Dioxide in ppm has overcome the maximum threshold set (by default or by the user). To largely involve the user and adapt the device in accordance to the needs, the alarm threshold (900 ppm by default) can be set from a minimum of 700 ppm, to a maximum of 1500 ppm. In addition to Carbon Dioxide, the detector also measures Temperature and Humidity so to provide the user as much information as possible relative to the environmental healthiness.

    In case of a “dangerous” situation, the device activates the Relay and sends a notification on the user’s smartphone through the App, updating the user on the status change. This way, the user is always aware of what is happening at home.

    The regulator is composed, in the front, by a small display that allows to visualize the ppm values detected in that precise moment, and which are also visible through the App.

    Some useful resources:
    App Configuration  Product Instructions ENG/ITA  Product Instructions FRA/SPA  Brochure ITA/ENG  Brochure FRA/ESP

    Power Source: 100/230Vca - 50/60 Hz and 12Vcc
    Absorption: 5.29VA max. to 230Vca – 2.4W max. to 12Vcc
    Alarm Threshold: Internal Dip Switch settable before power on (default 900ppm)
    Alarm: backlight blinking, on App notifications
    CO2 Detector: NDIR a 2 canali, accuratezza ± (30 ppm + 3%VM)
    Relay: 10A @ 250Vca - 10A @ 30Vcc, SPDT
    Intervention Period: weekly, settable hour by hour by the user
    Wireless Protocol: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, frequency: 2.4-2.4835 GHz
    Visualization of the detected temperature and humidity
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