• YUKON PRO+ Air Quality Monitor

    Here are the quantities measured by Yukon: tVOC, PM2.5, PM10, CO, CO2eq, Formaldehyde, Temperature and Humidity.

    The Yukon objective is to detect the indoor pollution that is increasingly present in our households.

    Indoor environment healthiness table indicator with Wi-Fi connection. YUKON PRO+ Air Quality Monitor is a high-tech device as for the detection of domestic pollutants. Yukon uses high-precision detectors to allow the indoor air quality detection, putting the safety of the household first.

    More info and technical specs:
    It is possible to know in real time the values analyzed by the detector thanks to the specific App, which clearly and easily shows the quality of the air inhaled. In so doing, Yukon allows us to understand if the living environment is qualitatively good for us and our beloved ones, like children, elderly people and those affected by health issues. In fact, these people are the most sensitive category of individuals in terms of living comfort.

    Even if YUKON PRO+ Air Quality Monitor is a Smart device, it is very easy to use since it allows to have everything under control, whether we are at home or outside. Thanks to the frontal Yukon led, the detector will show the air quality level through the variation of three colors: Light Blue (high air quality), Orange (fair air quality), Red (low air quality).

    The application allows to specifically control which pollutant is making the indoor environment dangerous for our health: in case of Orange or Red light, it will allow us to promptly act on improving the air around us. Moreover, it is also possible to check the values’ history for each detected quantity through graphs, so to appreciate the improvements made since the detection of a polluted indoor environment.

    Some useful resources:
    App Configuration  Product Instructions ENG/ITA  Product Instructions FRA/SPA

    Power Source: 5Vcc, charger supplied
    Absorption: 1,75W max.
    Detected Quantities: tVOC and CO2eq (multicell of semiconductor detectors), PM2.5 and PM10 (laser detector), CO (electrochemical detector), HCHO (electrochemical detector), temperature and humidity (pre-calibrated digital detector)
    Intervention Threshold: defined by the ISO 16000 norm and by WHO
    Starter (optional): wireless relay (Wi-Fi) 10A @ 250Vca - 10A @ 30Vcc, SPDT
    Intervention Period: weekly, hour by hour setting by the user
    Wireless Protocol: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, frequency: 2.4-2.4835 GHz
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